Portugal 2020

Support granted by the European Union to Portuguese companies

APINEQ – Creation of Industrial Unit with I4.0 Project

With this project, APINEQ intends to create a new plant for equipment manufacturing, in which it will install the solutions and automation systems that it develops, (CAE 28992), such as: Production Lines (Series or Rotary) for industry (automotive, paper, food, etc.), Assembly and Testing Stations, Machining Jigs, Robotics, Retrofitting, Automation – Electrical Panels and Labeling.

In terms of Performance Indicators, this project aims to generate, in the post-project year, a GVA of 1,087,078.19 euros, VN of 2,053,225.75 euros and the creation of 5 highly qualified employment posts.

APINEQ's internationalisation process for new and demanding markets, with a focus on the digital B2B market

In order to achieve the recommended goals, an action/investment plan was devised at the level of Internationalisation, of which the following should be highlighted: (i) prospecting and attracting new clients, (ii) participation in international trade fairs related to the industry, (iii) strengthening of the sales and marketing team and (iv) implementation of new marketing techniques, with a view to entering e-commerce. Thus, we expect to achieve a turnover of Euro 2,053,225.75 in the post-project, with exports amounting to Euro 452,596.46.

ChemoRobot: Robotic System for Chemotherapeutics Preparation

The “ChemoRobot” project aims to develop an automated and autonomous solution for the precise preparation of chemotherapeutic agents, from the reception and storage phase of the components required for the preparation, to the storage and delivery phase of the chemotherapeutic agent, ready for administration.

RoVol: Automated and intelligent robotic system for the preparation and aid of the injection process on car steering wheels

The “RoVol” project aims at the development of a robotic system to be integrated in steering wheel production lines, capable of automatically and intelligently performing a set of tasks before, during and after the polyurethane injection process for the production of steering wheels.

As regards Performance Indicators, this project aims to achieve a P Index – Investment in R&D in Gross Value Added (GVA) of 17.61%.

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