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Automotive Industry

We add flexibility and security to your vehicle assembly line.

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Healthcare and Phamaceutical Industries

We have diversified our offer of medical and pharmaceutical products and services with a high level of added value and technology.

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Pulp and Paper Industry

Our automation technologies contribute significantly towards operational efficiency with reduced costs and end-product quality.

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Food and Beverage Industry

Our automation technology contributes to optimise manufacturing processes through advanced, safe, flexible and hygienic solutions

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Mining – Extractive Industry

We contribute towards the modernisation and renewal of the mechanical means used in the mining industry, as well as of the support services in the areas of systems command and control.

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Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry supplies other industries, thus it must be supported by solutions which may enhance its efficiency and safety.

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Metal Casting Industry

We offer modern and efficient technological solutions to replace obsolete systems, reducing equipment reliability and maintenance problems.

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Wood and Wood Products Industry

We carry out the retrofit project up to its deployment and result analysis, either on machines within the automation system or on Human-Machine interfaces (HMI).

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Water Treatment Industry

We provide solutions to make the system as stand-alone as possible, allowing equipment and associated processes to be controlled and monitored in an accessible manner, using remote management systems among lifting stations.
We modernise water abstraction processes, both for public distribution and bottling.

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