Operational efficiency

Automotive Industry

Product - Automotive Industry

Our specialised automation services enable clients to enhance their operational efficiency. We regularly work on new developments and provide technical support to various benchmark OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that produce equipment for major car brands worldwide.

Robotized cells

  • Palletizing Robots;
  • Drilling Robots;
  • Paiting Robots;
  • Welding Robots;
  • Packing Robots;
  • Bending and machining robots;
  • Cutting Robots;
  • Handling Robots;
  • Gluing Robots;
  • Carding Erector Robots;

Production Machines

  • Manual or automatic component assembly;
  • Screwing cell;
  • Riveting cell;
  • Component insertion trough servo-press;
  • Pick and Place systems;
  • Ultrasound welding;
  • Rotary vibrating feeders;
  • Printing systems;
  • Gluing systems;
  • Jigs

Test Machines

  • Quality control equipment;
  • Seal and flow equipment;
  • Leak detection;
  • Eletrical test;
  • Durability tests;
  • Detection of damaged components;
  • OK and NOK parts evaluation systems.

Production Lines

All our machines can be completly integrated and connected.

Automatic High Capacity Surgical Mask Production Line

Learn about the solutions that shape production, increase efficiency and productivity, and add value.

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