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Product - Healthcare and Phamaceutical Industries

The importance of care and innovation for the health sector plays an essential role in the current pandemic context. We are well aware of our responsibility and are prepared to respond with innovation and excellence.

Disposable Medical Equipment Machines

Automatic Mask Machine
Automatic Cap Machine

Package folding machines

  • Available for Plastic and paper packages
  • Different package sizes setups;
  • Setup change less than two minutes;
  • Speed 40 packages/min.

Robotized cells

  • Palletizing Robots;
  • Drilling Robots;
  • Paiting Robots;
  • Welding Robots;
  • Packing Robots;
  • Bending and machining robots;
  • Cutting Robots;
  • Handling Robots;
  • Gluing Robots;
  • Carding Erector Robots;

Production Lines

All our machines can be completly integrated and connected.

Automatic High Capacity Surgical Mask Production Line

Learn about the solutions that shape production, increase efficiency and productivity, and add value.

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