You can benefit from our extensive experience in various industries, technologies and markets.

The technology and solutions we offer enable our clients to be pioneers in industrial process automation.


Custom-Built Machines

We provide the entire solution on a turnkey basis, delivering the project ready and running. We develop solutions considering the specific needs of each client, which are accessible to small and medium enterprises and have an impact in a global context. In this manner, we believe we can help Portuguese companies in attaining and exceeding the innovation level of major international players.

Automation and Robotics

We implement changes, add value and turn client companies into pioneering companies in industrial automation.
Our team designs, builds, connects, programs, installs and improves customized and innovative solutions in automation, from software to services.

Software Project

We develop the software for any production line or manufacturing process, as well as the implementation of SCADA and DCS systems on PCS7. We always look for the optimal overall process performance, with the lowest energy consumption, without neglecting all aspects of people and equipment safety.

Electrical Design

We develop projects and electrical panels for industrial installations, as well as the entire field installation. All electrical designs are developed using EPLAN.

Technical Support

We have extensive experience in solving technical problems, even when the designs have been implemented or developed by other entities.
Specialized assistance in PLCs, Siemens S5 and S7 speed variation, DC and AC drives, SCADAS and Distributed Control Systems (DCS – PCS7).


We manufacture all kinds of traffolyte and plastic labels according to the client’s needs.

Mechanical Design

We perform mechanical designs to build machines from scratch, and we modify existing machines. We develop mechanical designs for robotic system applications, as well as mechatronic designs for control and instrumentation systems.

Mechanical Assembly

We assemble machines to the client’s specifications, and we make changes to existing machines without the need for production downtime. We assemble collaborative robots, robotic cells, etc.

Part Manufacturing

We produce parts for a vast range of industries using various types of materials.

We provide the finest experts to meet any challenge at all times.

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